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We all know trying to sell a caravan is a very hard task, trying to get it ready for sale making sure every thing works well, and that the caravan for sale is safe and above all its clean and presentable, buy this time most People give up trying to sell a caravan, you soon realise its just not worth the effort. but for the ones that still insist on going down the path of trying to sell a caravan for cash, there still lies the pain of trying to advertise the caravan after its all ready. this were the fun starts so many car selling website but not many caravan selling websites, so your options are very limited as such, so there fore it makes it a very expensive proses trying to advertise a caravan for sell. Well you might think that we only buy cars at well your are wrong not only we pay cash for cars we also pay cash for caravan as well, there is not many good and reliable caravan buyers out there most are people that work from home with no credibility. When you finely give up on the idea of selling a caravan your self thats where we come in to the picture, at we have a division that just buy caravans of all types, our staff have been in the trade for a very long time and they understand the value of your caravan, so they are professional caravan buyers. The proses is as easy as getting 0n our website filling in your info with some basic info of the caravan for sale, with in minutes you will receive an online caravan valuation, and soon after a phone call from one our staff to arrange an appointment with you to veiw the caravan for sale when we come to an agreement on the price, we will buy your caravan on spot with cash so easy So remember when you want cash for caravans call we buy caravans and we pay cash.

Cash for Cars that Burn Tyres

Either I am getting past it or the latest Mustang tweak is for the crazies. It disconnects the rear brakes so the wheels leave a signature of rubber on the road. That’s fine for junior line-lockers, smokies, skids and speedoolies who burn Dad’s money at a drag strip. Somehow I doubt they will continue when they learn what tyres cost. I wholeheartedly support our coppers when they arrest hoons for dangerous driving, excessive acceleration, burnouts, and so forth on public roads. They should charge extra cash for cars whose drivers misbehave. As far as I am concerned that’s the end of it. No wonder we have the carnage on the roads we do. Ford Australia’s brand communications manager Neil McDonald chose to play cute when Motoring.Com interrogated him. “I have no opinion over whether the new system would encourage hoon driving behaviour,” he commented. Victoria police are so irritated that one commented, “Were vehicles with this feature to be made available in Victoria then drivers who perform burnouts are likely to lose their vehicle for 30 days in the first instance for using it. Repeat offenders may find they lose their vehicle permanently and face significant fines or a criminal record”. Think again, Ford Mustang. You are not far from being an accessory to a crime. Your fine print states that “Racing your vehicle will void your warranty”. Are you looking for an excuse or do you have something against road safety? There is more to the automotive business than taking cash for cars. Take care, Kane

Red Card for Hoons

The Supreme Court’s decision to allow South Australia cops to continue crushing cars owned by hoons, is a red card to motoring criminals in two ways. Firstly, it has upset them sufficiently to waste the taxpayer’s time with stupid arguments. More importantly, it has told the imbeciles that speeding, burnouts, doughnuts, and street racing are not wanted in Australia, and they should desist or go somewhere else. I hope some car dealers are not shameless enough to sell a car to them to replace the one the coppers crushed. Apparently “hoon” originally referred to “one who lived off immoral earnings (i.e. the proceeds of prostitution, a pimp or procurer of prostitutes)” and I find the comparison noteworthy. Are you listening, boys and girls who do it? Later, they started using it to describe people unable to control their animal instincts when steering cars and boats. I for one will never even think to sell a car to anyone I suspect of hooning tendencies. I am issuing a challenge to all other car dealers in Australia to take a similar pledge. We too have social responsibility. Cars can be as dangerous as guns. Just do not tell me this is unnecessary. The Supreme Court’s time was wasted by an idiotic hoon who challenged the right of South Australia to crush his car after a third drink-driving conviction. No doubt, his lawyer used words like “cruel”, “heartless” and “uncaring” when arguing his appeal. I hope they make him watch the public crushing. I am however more than happy to sell a car to anybody else interested in acquiring a reliable used vehicle that is legal and roadworthy. As an added bonus, my prices are among the lowest in the country, and I stand by what I sell. Just call 1300 843 227 and ask for me. Take care, Kane

Australia Motor Trade in Jeopardy as ANCAP Faces Closure

The fact that Toyota is at it again with 297,600 safety recalls, makes the role of regulators like the Australasian New Car Assessment Program even more vital. I find it horrifying that in this modern day and age we still have leading world brands selling cars with faulty airbags, steering systems, and seat mounting points. ANCAP is patently off the hook with these. The faults developed after frequent use and were unlikely to show up in crash tests. With Australia heading for 100% imports we clearly need centralised quality control, especially in view of the number of start-ups entering the trade in smaller cars. According to Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane his decision to stop crash testing by 2017 ”is not a specific budget savings measure”, this despite the fact that he is looking for overall $2 billion savings from a $9.7 billion budget. He believes ANCAP becomes superfluous “when we don’t make cars in Australia” anymore, and to him it is as simple as that. The Car Buyers arranges roadworthy inspections on the cars it accepts on trade in, or pays spot cash for. It is just the way we are. We prefer to play it safe, and not take another person’s word for it. Take care, Kane

Rudd Raids Cookie Jar

Our esteemed prime minister has had a busy time papering over cracks recently, especially since he semi-trashed the car industry by enforcing fringe benefits tax. His party is already mandating 100% local spend for the commonwealth car fleet worth 18,000 vehicles a year. Now he has taken $200 million from the mysterious contingency reserve to apply a little sticking plaster. Arguably with an eye on the upcoming election, Rudd has gone squeaky clean with comments like “the car industry is critical important”. I should think so, given that it supports 250,000 indirect and direct jobs. In classic double-speak, Treasury describes the contingency reserve as “a fund to cover ‘anticipated events that cannot be assigned to individual programs’ in the budget estimates”. The mind absolutely boggles. I wonder what else in going on in Canberra. Opposition Joe Hockey deserves a round of applause for saying “On the one hand, Mr Rudd takes a baseball bat to the car industry by hitting it with an unprecedented $1.8 billion tax, and on the other he gives them back $200m to try and save them. The fact is, you can’t put a band-aid over a bullet wound.” There is an election coming up, and the folks at parliament house are vying for our attention already. We are busy too. Our order books are filled with thousands of Australians queuing up to buy the used cars we procure for more, and sell for less than our competition does. Take care, Kane


Sell a Car Australia If you want to sell a car Australia has all the options, although not all the choices are equally as good. Perhaps you woke up this morning thinking “I want to sell my car” and wondered how to do this. If so, then The Car Buyers is just the place for you because we exchange cash for cars. Trade It In? Many folk take the easy way out and trade their vehicle in for another one without being charged a car valuation fee. That’s fine, as long as you appreciate that when it comes to car valuations Australia doesn’t regulate them and the dealer can charge anything they like. How will you feel when you see your car on their showroom floor selling for $500 more? We buy any car (or any other kind of vehicle in Australia) and we don’t consider ourselves bound by any car buyers guide. Our efficient systems keep our costs down and we make top cash for cars offers every day. When you decide to sell a car Australia has other options besides trading in. Why don’t you check this page right now and see how much more you could get? Sell it Direct? Maybe today’s the day you decided “I’m going to sell my car to somebody and get more money” and came here for advice. You’re most welcome and we’re glad to welcome you. Just remember that when you privately sell a car Australia won’t stand by you if things go wrong. If you get conned then that’s your problem to sort out for yourself. More and more Australians living in Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne are turning to The Car Buyers for help when they need cash for their cars. We buy any car that’s legal and we’ll fetch it from you so you don’t have to concern yourself with driving it. We are free to make you the best cash for car offer anywhere. That’s because we pay what’s fair regardless of what any car buyers guide may say. The Better Way Australians with private cars for sale know that there’s only one safe way to do it and that’s right here on this website. This is because we make it easier and everything happens really fast. You came here asking “will you buy my car?” The answer’s a resounding yes as long as it’s a runner. Of course if you’re selling car or van or auto scrap that’s a different matter and you need to visit a scrapyard. Unlike other websites (we’re not referring specifically to we deal in cars that are good runners and should keep going on for years to come. That’s why we’re free to move beyond the car buyers guide and other Australian used car valuations and do what’s right. How It Works Let’s say you are one of many Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney residents with private cars for sale and you’re looking for a cash for cars offer. Your task is easy and The Car Buyers are standing by with all the money you need. Check this page and enter a few details about who’s asking “will you buy my car” and what kind of vehicle you are selling. We’ll get back instantly with an approximate valuation and follow up with a phone call if you want. Selling car surplus and getting money for it is even easier after that. We’ll have an associate contact you to arrange a viewing at your place of business or your home. Our agent won’t stonewall you by quoting a car buyers guide. They’ll offer you a fair price and all the guarantees you ever wanted. That’s The Car Buyers for you. Fair dinkum and honest when it comes to buying and selling cars.

Less Cash for Cars Including Littlies

There has been a general rearranging of deck chairs in Australian new car markets, as they react to the imminent closing of Ford, Holden and Toyota Australia factories. According to the media this was because their cars were too expensive. Pundits speculated the surplus cash for cars from new car showrooms would shift to imported littlies, but that has not proved to be the case. Nissan has pulled the plug on the Almera, and Smart Car sales are radically down. This follows the axing of the VW Up! micro car in April. The only small car that is making any progress appears to be the baby Fiat 500. Reasons behind the loss in small car brand sales could include the cost of importation being relatively higher, and buyers demanding gadgets that do not come cheap. The Car Buyers has detected a steady uptick in demand across the full range of our used cars. Our buyers tell us they are no longer able to meet steeply rising new car prices. If anything, demand for small cars from The Car Buyers is increasing. That could be because we pay cash for cars, and sell cars for cash prices better than the rest. Take care, Kane


Online Car Valuation Guide The Car Buyers website provides used car valuations Australia wide in two handy formats. They’re completely free if you want to sell your car to us because we buy cars for cash. Alternatively, if you want to sell cars online yourself each car valuation will cost you a measly $9.95 including a free posting on our website. A Happy Widow’s Tale We were so happy to help Mrs Granger from Sydney like this the other day. She was recently widowed after forty-one years of marriage, couldn’t drive herself and didn’t know what to do with her husband’s car standing in the garage. The best offer she’d had was a towing charge to take it away. Then she spotted our advert that we sell cars online. She appealed to us for help. We couldn’t believe it! Mrs Granger had inherited a spotless light green metallic 1984 380SEL Mercedes Benz in near showroom condition with all the trimmings. After we posted it, she had offers close to the $9,000 asking price we recommended. We decided it was worth a little more when we saw the condition. In fact one of our directors paid slightly over value at $9,500 cash. We Could Do the Same for You Would you like to sell your car for cash? You may not have Mrs Granger’s Mercedes Benz, but you’ll receive the same personalised attention when you request an online car valuation. Choose between these two great options. Get real value for your money either way. ü Request a Valuation Certificate, answer a few simple questions, pay the ridiculously low price of $9.95 and get an independent valuation in a few minutes. Do it now, and while this special offer lasts we’ll let you post a corresponding advert on our website absolutely free. ü Visit our Trade-In Valuation page, answer a few similar questions and we’ll come back with a provisional offer to buy your car from you in seconds. There are a few conditions like you have to be the owner and live in or nearby Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Darwin, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Townsville, Mackay, Carins, Wagga Wagga, Albury, Wodonga, Echuca, Mildura, Horsham, Bendigo, Ballarat, or Geelong. The rest is child’s play. The Perfect Way to Sell Your Car for Cash In an ideal world the answer would be “you don’t even need to sell your car online”. You just need to stick a sign in the window that says “Buy my Car for Cash”. Some honest fellow will turn up and offer you a deal you can’t refuse. But we both know this is fantasy, and that you’re more likely to be hassled into accepting cash 4 cars at way below face value. Selling cars for cash online can be a better way to do it, provided that you get an accurate online car valuation from somebody reliable like The Car Buyers. An added advantage is that we provide the used car valuations Australia trusts because we’re independent. You can buy credibility like this for just $9.95 in a matter of minutes when you click here in confidence. Your only problem will be persuading someone honest to part with cash at true market value. Your best and safest way is to ask us for an instant online car valuation / preliminary offer at genuine market value. We have been car dealers for years. We know how the market works and we buy cars for cash at exceptional values. Our front-end processes are quickest night and day. There is no faster way to sell cars online. Let’s assume we agree a price and you live in the Melbourne, Adelaide or Sydney metropolitan area. Our assessor will call, and arrange to view your vehicle where and when it suits you. There may be a slight price adjustment but you’re under no obligation until you agree to sell your car for cash to us at the agreed price. After you receive our written payment guarantee and hand over the registration papers, we’ll transfer cash instantly to your bank account. You’ll get best prices fastest and you won’t even pay for the online car valuation. Now you know the difference, shouldn’t you sell your car to The Car Buyers too?

What do 261 and XLI Have in Common?

No, I am not talking 261 horsepower. Are you feeling threatened your ignorance is about to be exposed? Kane will put you out of pain instantly, and advise that the latest VW XLI concept car achieves 261 miles per gallon, with a little help from a diesel electric generator and some sturdy batteries. All good, as long as you are in no hurry. No worries if you are in a rush though. Just prod the throttle, and a 0.6 litre 2-cylinder diesel will make some sort of difference. Carbon fibre, aluminium and magnesium come at a cost, although VW has given no indication of the price yet. It must have been expensive to build. The engineers had to omit the rear view mirrors and install real time video cameras instead. You win some, you lose some, I guess. The concept car is also a little noisy, owing to the zero sound-deadening qualities of carbon-fibre reinforced polymer. To an extent, the lowest-ever drag coefficient recorded for a “production” car offsets this. Whether VW will manufacture more than the required 50 stealth cars is another matter. The interior softens the teutonic efficiency just a tad, although romance is still not on the cards. The puritans have gone as far as to offset the two carbon fibre seats slightly, to eliminate the possibility of shoulders touching. Notwithstanding this, the pseudo leather steering wheel, analogue dials, climate control and radio scanner do manage to create the impression that this is indeed a motor car. Would I buy one if I had the money? Probably not: I am too impatient to drive slowly. Besides, what am I going to tell the police, when they stop me and ask “Where are your mirrors, mate? What you have there is against the law, and I am going to have to give you a warning … “ Take care, Kane

A Holden Made in China?

On Tuesday last I asked what happens when Holden goes shortly after Ford. It seems Mike Devereaux and GM had been chatting for a while, and everything is in place already to keep making cash for cars for Holden. Less than twenty-four hours after the bombshell dropped, Holden sales director Peter Kelley had already delivered a letter to Australian fleet customers promising them, “a wide portfolio of imported products post-2017”. He went on to add that, “Holden will continue with its commitment to provide the very best products to meet the needs of the Australian fleet customer, through leveraging the resources of General Motors global product portfolio”. It seems the Commodore brand is just too potent and too money-spinning to allow to let drop. Motoring.Com.Au is convinced the replacement model will come from China, and be a front-wheel-drive departure from the familiar three-box shape. Initial thinking revolves around a four-cylinder model. No doubt, Peter Kelley will continue to press for the six pots that are Australia’s preference on long straight highways, and have yielded lucrative cash for cars to date. However, there will be no wagons and no utes. Just podgy andromorphites from now on. Hot news just out includes the axing of Holden’s Lang Lang proving ground, Fishermens Bend engineering centre and Port Melbourne engine factory. The ripple effect continues. For now, the Port Melbourne design studio survives unscathed. Presumably, it is working on Australianising the Chinese blob? In case you just found The Car Buyers and are curious about the connection with lightly-used vehicles, I’ll close by mentioning that I pay brilliant cash for vehicles their owners no longer want, and then sell them on for cash to a queue of hungry buyers. My prices are the best because I don’t spend your money on luxuries. That’s me in a nut shell. Take care, Kane

Handy Car Selling Tips

So you have made up your mind to sell your car? Choosing a buyer, quoting a price, ensuring everything is done right. All of this could get very stressful. So you can do with some tips to help you ease this strain. You must first realise that, the buyer will be much more cautious than you are, even on the smallest details of your car. So you could avoid cutting a sorry face by doing your homework and ensuring every little problem is fixed. It is advisable to get a servicing and a car wash done by an expert mechanic so that nothing is missed out. Collect all the car related documents and update your knowledge on the history and specifications of your car. Your buyer might be keen on knowing this even before taking a look. After getting your car ready, you need to effectively advertise your car. Quote your reason on why you would like to move on from this car or you could share on how your experience has been with it. This should be in addition to the technical details you provide. This will make the buyer appreciate your passion in owning and maintaining the car and selling it to the right person. This also helps the buyer to build confidence in you. You must also take care to quote a reasonable price, and justify the same by providing the distance travelled details and the car usage. Above all when showing the car to your buyer, ensure that it is in a presentable condition so that it gets enough reasons to be picked easily. Getting all of the above in place will surely help in selling your car easily, without any hassles or regrets.

Once Proud Brands in Disarray

Oh dear, oh dear. It only seems like yesterday that Jaguar and Land Rover were trumpeting ‘buy my car in utmost confidence of quality’ or words like that. And now, Jaguar Land Rover are having to recall a whopping 5,245 vehicles that could catch alight or suffer engine failure. I would have thought Land Rover would have figured out by now how to build a fuel delivery system that does not leak. The official recall notice for the Freelander 2 and Ranger Rover Evoque 2.2-litre diesel models confirms a risk of “diesel fuel leaking from the engine-mounted injector spill rail spigot to spill return pipe connector joint”. They go on to mention that “the diesel leak could run onto the exhaust system and turbocharger where there is an increased risk of an under-bonnet fire.” This affects the owners of 1,485 Freelander 2s and 2,995 Evoques. I wonder how well their next marketing campaign will go down, when it repeats the plea to buy my car because it has hopefully been fixed. This pathetic effort affects 641 Jaguar XF luxury cars too. It comes on the heels of the recent recall of 124 Jaguar XF 2.0L turbo-petrol models. In the latter case, “the charge air cooler hose can detach from the charge air cooler resonator. This can cause the engine to cut out which may pose a hazard to the driver and other road users.” I should think it probably would! An increasing number of Australian motorists are turning their back on ridiculously priced new cars that could be recalled at any moment, and ordering reliable second-hand cars from The Car Buyers instead. When I say “buy my car” the public sit and listen. They know a bargain when they see one. Take care, Kane


Sell Your Car Melbourne You’ve got a car or van you want to sell in Melbourne real fast, but there are other things you’d rather do instead. No worries. Lots of Australians feel the same way and they’re flocking to The Car Buyers in increasing numbers. You can get a car valuation free here and post a listing. Alternatively, we’ll buy it from you for cash at a price you can’t refuse. Here’s How It Works We have points of sale in Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne plus a huge network of affiliates everywhere else in Australia. The car valuations Australia favours are often city-bound, meaning you might get an inferior price if you just advertise to sell your car Melbourne and surrounding areas. We are one of Australia’s largest user car dealers and we have the latest used car valuations available. What’s more we buy cars for cash, provide car valuations free and can collect your vehicle from your home or place of business as you prefer. You don’t need to waste precious time understanding complicated car buyers guide tables. Trust The Car Buyers, get true market value and even more. What Happens Next You need to tell us about your car first and like everything else we’ve made it simple. Click here, go to where you enter your demographics (so we know who to give the cash to) then click “next” to describe the car you want to sell. Wait a few seconds and you’ll get your estimated car valuation free. Someday all the car valuations Australia needs will be done this way. Just imagine how many trees get chopped down to print a car buyers guide by the thousands. Of course our website used car valuations are preliminary estimates. They have to be because your Melbourne used car could be worth even more depending on the condition. If you would like us to we’ll stop by and inspect it. Then we’ll explain why your price might be a little different. You’ll find our final car valuation free of any obligation on you too. Let’s assume you’re good to go on our offer. You likely will because we do car valuations Australia knows are tops. We just need to inspect your registration document and find out if there’s anything owing on the car. After that you simply sign a few documents so we can issue a guarantee and take the car off your hands for good. How much easier is that than trying to sell your car Melbourne wide yourself? How Our Prices Compare Although used car valuations are supposed to be based on what the market thinks, every car buyers guide inevitably reduces this to allow for dealer profits. After all, they make their money from dealer advertisements and need them to survive. All’s fair in love and war. A car valuation free or not has two components. The price the seller gets and the dealer’s profit margin. Competition keeps the first component stable. The swing room in car valuations Australia, Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne is the margin the dealer needs to stay in business. Because The Car Buyers don’t pay rent, employ a whole lot of employees, list in the local car buyers guide, insure stock and so on, we can afford to include a lower margin in our used car valuations. This is the difference you benefit from. Put simply, we pay sellers more cash for cars than anybody else we know. Why Wait Longer There’s no need to advertise to sell your car Melbourne style. We buy cars and we sell cars right across Australia and we’ll find the right buyer when you’re ready. What’s more we won’t haggle unnecessarily and you’ll have cash in your hands as fast as your bank allows it. Now you’ve found us, it’s time to get down to business.