From The car buyers and all it’s stuff, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Australian public all around Australia for helping us in reaching the Milestone of purchasing in excess of 10,000 cars over the last 12 years of our operation. This could have not been achieved without the support and the trust of all the public that decided to use our services. We are privileged to announce that our business is only becoming more refined, better, and stronger every day.

Our Google reviews and it’s great ratings reflects our commitment and our excellence in service. We pride ourselves in having presence in every corner of Australia, and being able to provide a prompt and satisfactory service.

Our promise is that our services will only grow to be better, faster and more hassle free every day.

Once again we buy your cars all around Australia, No matter where you are located all you need to do ring us on 1300 THE CAR BUYERS or send us an email and one of our friendly staff will contact you. We wait to hear from you soon.

  • Are you planning to sell your car? Is it time to upgrade? Or maybe downsize?
  • Are you reluctant to move forward due to the hassle of selling your car privately and dealing with a lot of tyre kickers?
  • Or too scared to see how little you are being offered for your car as a trade in?
  • Whatever the case may be at we can make your selling experience a fast, hassle-free and cash in hand on the spot transaction.
  • All you need to do is to either fill the form and one of our friendly staff will contact you or ring us on 1300 THE CAR (843 227).
  • At we buy your car as is, where is. We pay you cash on the spot or money transferred into your nominated account immediately.
  • There won’t be any need for obtaining the Road Worthy Certificate, or spending any time and money fixing all the mechanical problems and then sit by the phone and wait for the buyer to ring, and if they ring for them to offer you half the price you have advertised the vehicle for.
  • We can omit all that painful process and make you’re selling a pleasurable one.
  • For cash for your car, you only need to fill in the form or ring us on 1300 THE CAR (1300 843 227).
  • Over 25 Years Experience. At Car buyers when you call you to talk with real people, not BOTS

What our customers are saying

My wife and I decided to sell our 2011 Kia Grand Carnival through the Car Buyers. We just moved interstate from Sydney to the Gold Coast for a lifestyle change. For a period of time there, we were financing a mortgage plus rent on the gold coast...

Kris and Roz Wozniak

The Car Buyers

Kris and Roz Wozniak

My wife and I decided to sell our 2011 Kia Grand Carnival through the Car Buyers. We just moved interstate from Sydney to the Gold Coast for a lifestyle change. For a period of time there, we were financing a mortgage plus rent on the gold coast...
The Car Buyers

If you are seriously interested in selling your car, The Car Buyers is your one-stop shop to find car buyers without the hassle. Save time, money and energy by submitting your car’s details to us and have one of our professional sales experts contact you for the valuation and successful sale of your car.

  • Say goodbye to the endless search for car buyers.
  • Find someone to buy your car quickly.
  • Get cash for your cars with our “Instant cash settlement!”

We cater for all car makes and models from A to Z. Submit your details today and let us find a suitable car buyer for you!

  • Now there is a better way to get your car valued. Here is how it works.The team of experts from The Car Buyers will work hard to find you the best deal for your car and they will ensure that the sales process for your car goes smoothly and hassle free.

    • No more headaches to keep you awake at night.
    • No more dealing with tedious tasks in your already busy daily schedule.
    • No more need to deal with enquiries of people who are wasting your time.

    The Car Buyers will provide you with serious buyers who are willing to give you cash for your car. Selling your car has never been easier!

  • By using The Car Buyers, you will gain instant access to car brokers and buyers at the stroke of your fingertips. You can sell your car easily by submitting your vehicle’s details for a free online valuation. Let The Car Buyers do all of the hard work to sell your car and you can focus on receiving the cash for your car instantly, once the sale is complete. Don’t hesitate or procrastinate! Buyers are waiting to buy your car now. We have helped hundreds of people from all around Australia with the successful sale of their cars. Join the others who have been a part of our success story by selling your car with us today!

  • You’ll be surprised to learn that most people that submit their details have much quicker success than managing the entire sales process themselves. If you are looking to get cash for your car quickly, then The Car Buyers is the ideal platform to keep the sales process simple and to improve your chances of getting the cash for your car that you deserve! Don’t just take our word for it. Put us to the test. We’re confident that we will meet and supersede your expectations that you will make you wonder how you could have thought about selling your car without us. Try us!

  • Get exposed to a wide network of buyers that are ready to purchase your car now. With The Car Buyers, selling your car is as easy as saying your ABCs. Whether you are going through your first car sale or you have experience going through multiple car sales, The Car Buyers will work to get you the best buyers hassle free, and that will give you the best bang for your buck!

    • We have got the talent when it comes to negotiating the best price for your car.
    • We have extensive hands on experience when it comes to car valuations.
    • We are totally obsessed with getting the best value for money with the sale of your car.

    Try us out and get your car sold!

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