Advertise Car For Free Online

We have all seen those catchy billboards promising the earth if you just follow a few basic steps. Some even lure you with free offers for car valuations Australia-wide. The difference with The Car Buyers is that our used car valuations really are free. That’s right, just like the title above screams out, “Advertise car for free online”. No gimmicks involved, but we are doing it with an ulterior motive – we rely on used car sales. That means we buy any car Australia has to offer, as long as it is a runner and legal on the road.

The Used Car Market

Eventually, everybody arrives at a selling car decision, and we fully recognise this and want you to think of The Car Buyers first. Some car owners go the private cars for sale route themselves, and a few even succeed. The problem with this option is that they expose their vehicles to all and sundry in the industry, and just like in every other walk, there are loads of crooked operators in this sector! Here’s what makes the difference when you partner with us:

  • We want you to return repeatedly because we gave you a good deal
  • We have trained valuators ready to assist in every main centre
  • We won’t beat about the bush and leave you guessing
  • We have been operating successfully for many years
  • We re-wrote the Car Buyers Guide single-handedly
  • We offer best cash prices for used cars sales

We could tick several other boxes, but we think we have made the point; if you have decided on selling your car, talk to The Car Buyers first. Car buying, cars selling, we specialise in both and have developed a sixth sense over the years. Talk to anyone in the industry and you will quickly learn who is number one. Many of our competitors may even confide that they use our services themselves!

From Humble Beginnings

We started used car valuations in the fine city of Melbourne; you know – the typical drive in and see what selling your car involved. A car valuation free service soon followed, but what took us to the next level was entirely down to the internet. It was like taking The Car Buyers to a whole new world, suddenly we were reaching out to everybody! We could now buy any car in Australia, and very rapidly sell the same vehicle somewhere else. Our new business model was going ballistic and we were struggling to cope with demand from both ends of the market.

To Bigger Things

Thanks to our sharp thinking executives, The Car Buyers took the virtual used car market by storm while our competitors remained firmly routed to terra firma! But it didn’t stop there, we soon realised that Car buyers all over the country wanted to do business with us. We developed a sophisticated network of professional car valuators, and we sent them out to offer car valuations Australia-wide. They started to get busy with locals thinking of selling their cars. Soon our networks stretched everywhere right across Australia:

Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Darwin, Perth, Canberra, Cairns, Townsville, Melbourne, Mackay, Wagga Wagga, Mildura, Wodonga, Echuca, Ballarat, Horsham, Bendigo, Geelong and even Albury.

All this from our simple invitation to: Advertise car for free online!

Grab Your Slice of Action

Our trained teams up and down the country are on standby right now. Whether it is car buying or cars selling they want to help. The best part of all s that you will be so pleased when you see the pile of cash you receive when selling your used car to us! Click here to get started.