Car Trade in Canberra

As has been mentioned before by traders like and ourselves, the used car market in Canberra is different to other Australian cities. It does not however mean that there is no movement, especially when you use online car buyers like us. Our client base is spread all over the country, and our job at The Car Buyers is to pay cash for cars wherever they are, and to move them to where people want to buy my car.

Dealing with us means you need not be at the mercy of local trading conditions. Once you have made the decision to sell my car, you need look no further than us because we buy cars. A free car valuation from The Car Buyers often results in us buying cars for cash because that is the nature of our market. We move stock to where it is wanted, and right now there is strong demand from car buyers waiting to part with their cash for cars.

How To Sell my Car Quickly

We have made the whole process so easy. Simply logon to The and follow our guidelines:

  1. To get a free car valuation, you need to share a few personal details with us; the online screens will prompt you.
  2. Tell us about your vehicle, (make, model, year of registration and general condition).
  3. Send as many pictures as you can to help us make an accurate assessment.
  4. List any special features, such as radio, dvd, in-car systems and so on. This all helps us to establish the best cash for cars deal for you.

Perhaps you would rather take the sell my car direct approach. If so, simply click on the free car valuation button on our home page. Select our car valuation certificate, which is all-important when you negotiate your own sale or trade-in. The cost is an incredibly low as it is special for the moment. Wanting to buy my car is one thing, but rating your car buyers is not easy for the private individual.

The Car Buyers versus Private Selling

There is nothing wrong with vehicle owners attempting the DIY approach when they decide to “sell my car” direct. They should be up to speed and well informed about the price they have decided on, and a few free car valuations should assist them in this regard. The real problems set in when the used car market starts to show interest. Make sure you have your brain switched on!

Remember, once you have signed the car paperwork over and handed your keys to a complete stranger, you should remain in no doubt about the cars for cash part of the deal. In other words, you want cash for cars before you let anyone drive off in your vehicle. We have heard some shocking stories from people trying to sell their cars direct. The safer plan is to sell your car to The Car Buyers where you know you will receive a decent market price.

The Golden Rules of Used Car Dealing

  • Watch out for car thieves, they really do exist out there
  • Negotiate a fair price, with consideration for the general condition of your vehicle
  • Don’t allow emotions to enter negotiations
  • If your car buyers want to haggle, tell them the deal is off
  • Never let your car out of your sight before receiving full payment
  • Use the “cars for cash” technique. If you negotiate any other form of payment, wait for the funds to clear in your bank account before handing over your asset

Better still, you can safely leave everything to our trained professional valuators at The Car Buyers. In exchange, you will get the best possible price, and you get to sleep well at night too!