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Let us review the actions you need to consider when you have decided to sellmycar – all straightforward, it just needs proper planning. You should of course leave it all to us at The Car Buyers, and we will quickly establish how much my car is worth. That is because we buy and sell high volumes of cars, for example: we buy cars in Melbourne and may look to interested parties to Buy my car in Sydney. In other words, we don’t just consider one area but rather the entire country, and this works to the benefit of every seller wanting to value my car for free.

Private Online Sale

We equate it to any other form of private selling, except with a car, you really need to evaluate my car properly before advertising anywhere, including on the web. It certainly requires up to date knowledge of the used car market, otherwise you may pitch your price too low or high. The problem with private sales is the risk you run of exposing yourself to crooks and thieves. We say, rather take the risk-free option to sellmycar by using The Car Buyers.


In our opinion, this is the last and least effective way to sellmycar. What do auctioneers know about car valuations in Australia, free or chargeable? It is similar to us trying to arrange the auctioning of a property or business – the knowledge we hold is downright dangerous! Besides, auctions are never going to realise the true value of your vehicle for the simple reason that every buyer is on a mission to buy a car in Adelaide or anywhere else for the lowest price possible. That is hardly fair, especially when you eventually work out how much my car was worth.


Many people still consider this the easiest way to sellmycar, but in fact, they are likely to get amongst the lowest prices when using this method. Work it out for yourself, the dealer uses a service known as “car valuations online”. They will offer a high, medium or low price (usually the latter), allegedly based on the condition of your vehicle. Many don’t even bother to look at your car although they do advertise free car valuations Australia-wide free! Chances are good that your dealer has already sold your trade-in for much more than he is going to offer you, having established the true used car value Australians have in mind.

Deal with The Car Buyers

When you consider that used car dealing is all we do, why would you want to look elsewhere. Just think carefully about the following benefits:

  • We offer a free online car valuation service, one based on our knowledge of the industry, not on a thumb-suck!
  • Best cash price on offer for your vehicle
  • You will be dealing with real professional salespeople wherever you are in Australia
  • Best possible exposure to the used car market
  • No risk of your deal going bad

Before you think of any other option, establish your free car value from us and know that you are stepping in the right direction.

Waiting for your Call

Honest trading with the best cash prices for used cars anywhere in Australia is our approach. It has worked so well for us that it has made us the car sales valuations place Australians look to first. When it comes to car valuations online, the country’s motoring public has voted The Car Buyers top of their list. We realise too well, that for our business to continue thriving we need constant stock to move around Australia. When you are dealing in the volumes that we are, you have to send the right message to people looking to sellmycar.