As the CEO of I would like to take this opportunity and thank all the lovely customers in Canberra and especially surrounding suburbs to Belconnen, for continually supporting our business and using our services to sell you car the car buyers has been operating and buying cars in ACT and Australia for many years and has continually help support the community in their motorcars needs. I know from experience that the process of selling a car is not a fun or easy process the steps you need to take to have your car prepared for your potential customers as long and tedious first you need to obtain your car value once you’ve decided how much you want to get for your car comes the point of preparing your car for sale fixing the dense fixing the scratches sending it away to your mechanic to obtain a rwc after all of that then you need to make the decision of where you want to advertise your car for sale and normally they’re not cheap for advertising what you’ve decided to advertising media then you need to send your car for detail and you need to keep it clean at all times because you don’t know when that next potential customer is going to call you and arrive this is when the fun begins random phone calls at all times of the day and night they make appointments to coming but they don’t show then soon you start getting scam emails that they want to buy your car from overseas silly cash offers for your car by a text message it never ends and will need to actually make an appointment to come and get the times because they can’t afford to buy it or there waiting for their car finance to be approved whatever the case the process is hard selling your car is not easy This is where the car buyers have been making life a breeze for people around Australia for many so years if you want to sell your car pick up your phone and call 1300 the car or 1300 843227 of a friendly staff will have a chat with you over the phone and give you an over the phone car valuation or you can simply fill out the sell your car for on the left hand side of the screen and within minutes you will receive an email and follow with a phone call we can arrange a time for an inspection pending you like what we tell you over the phone about what your car is worth followed by the inspection will make you in on the spot cash offer for your car if you accept the paperwork will be done instantly and the money can be transferred into your account or given to you in cash and we will take for possession of your vehicle so don’t hesitate pick up the phone and give us a call you could sell your car today