Market Value of Cars

Market Value of Cars

Many of the good people who trade with The Car Buyers once held the view that if a

used car was in good condition you could name your price. After a quick consultation

with us, they soon change their minds. Just like every other industry, buying and

selling cars is subject to a willing seller, willing buyer routine with the price being the

only common denominator. Naturally, a good dealer should be able to influence the

matter too, especially if they have an updated car buyers guide. When we deal with

used car sales, we consider both buying and selling prices so we have to know our

business well.

The Best Car Valuations in Australia

When it comes to establishing the true market value of cars, it is not just a question

of scanning the car valuation free section of the classified advertisements. It is far

more scientific than that, otherwise there would be no need for the middle people.

Enter The Car Buyers, the friendly folk that practically invented used car valuations

online. After we made the decision to leave our small dealer showroom in exchange

for web-based buying and selling, we stole a march on the used car market. Since

then, others have followed but few have impressed as we have.

Staying on top of your trade is no easy matter; it requires constant control and

management. We are competing against private cars for sale and car auctioneers

just to name two. So how do we manage to stay ahead of the pack in car buying?

Cars are an essential mode of transport and will always remain so, which means

there is going to be permanent interest when it comes to buying and selling prices.

New cars have priced themselves out of most people’s pockets, so more car buyers

are looking at the second hand market than ever before. When you consider we buy

any car in Australia, this should tell you that you need look nowhere other than The

Car Buyers for your next vehicle.

Get Your Car Valuation Free

We have made it all so incredibly easy when it comes to used car sales and

purchases. To begin with, we have an extensive network of trained car valuators

right across Australia. You can locate any of our team at the following major centres:

Albury, Ballarat, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Geelong, Sydney, Melbourne,

Brisbane, Perth, Darwin, Canberra, Townsville, Cairns, Mackay, Wagga Wagga,

Echuca, Mildura, Horsham, Bendigo, and Wodonga.

Logon to The Car Buyers and press the “car valuations” button in the top left-hand

corner of our home page. Now look for the “Firm Price Valuation – No cost” option

and supply the information needed to get you a fair value. You are now on your way

to selling your used car and we would like to be doing this for you.

The One Stop Shop

When you deal with The Car Buyers, you will soon realise that we do everything

when it comes to selling cars. We are out to impress because we want to do

business with you again in future, so we know that there is only one way to do that.

Right on time and right first time too.

Many of our now regular customers have tried the “private cars for sale” routine, but

few managed to get it right. Some have even tried car auctions to sell their used

cars but all they managed was a small cheque many days after the auction, less of

course the auctioneer’s commission. One famous auction house even had the nerve

to charge storage fees on top of everything else! Rather stick with The Car Buyers

and know you will be getting a fair and clean deal.