Sell My Car Adelaide

With a population in excess of a million you could be forgiven for thinking it’s easy to get cash for cars in Adelaide. Surprisingly the opposite is sometimes true because car sale prices vary between districts. While this swing may not be as wild as between Brisbane on the waterfront and a Morayfield car yard, it’s nevertheless important to find someone willing to pay full car value.

Most private deals start with an advertisement in the local press to the effect of “I want to sell my car (a 2008 Toyota Camra Altise) for $15,000 cash. Does anybody want to buy my car for that”. Did you spot all the mistakes? There’s no mention of mileage or condition. It could be a Sunday car or breathing its last on a sidewalk somewhere. In this case it could be better to get a trade-in valuation first and use this as a benchmark.

Everybody’s hoping to sell cars for cash in Adelaide that are going surplus. Let’s face it; the City’s going through tough times with unemployment hovering on the worrying. It’s a great temptation to base a decision on a website purporting to provide car valuations for free. But when you end up selling your car for $500 less than value because you under-priced it the service was hardly free because it cost you money!

Under these circumstances “free” can mean several different things:

  • Free because you don’t get charged for it …
  • Free because it’s free of obligation
  • Free because its free of errors

It could also be free because it’s:

  • Free of any logic
  • Free because it’s free of any truth
  • Free because it’s not worth anything anyway

When you’re hoping to get cash for cars you no longer want, it just makes more sense to consult a car valuation website you can trust. That’s one that deserves all three ticks and not a single cross. If you decide I want to sell my car in Adelaide then your first choice must be The Car Buyers.

We don’t use these words lightly. We are car valuation experts because we pay top cash for cars in Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Darwin, Perth, Canberra, Townsville, Mackay, Cairns, Wagga Wagga, Albury, Wodonga, Echuca, Mildura, Horsham, Bendigo, Ballarat and Geelong. We sell these on for top prices where the demand is highest. Folks often ask how we balance our books this way, especially when compared to rates listed in free car classifieds online. It’s as simple as getting the maths right.

We have huge credibility – We buy cars for cash anywhere in Adelaide at exactly the value we provide (subject to a few fair and reasonable terms and conditions).

Our turnover is massive – Profit is margin times volume. High street dealers go for low volume with high profit. Our business model works the other way around

We have huge cash reserves – Nobody else can afford to bankroll an operation of this size. Our free car valuations are the only ones in Adelaide that really are free!

It’s that simple really. You wake up one morning and decide I want to sell my car for cash. You shop around and figure out The Car Buyers will pay you a top price that beats all your other options. You visit our website and ask us will you buy my car for cash as described here. We propose a price. You agree. We pop by your home at the time you wanted. Everything checks out. We deposit the money in your bank. The cash is yours. We drive the car away. You didn’t even need to get a roadworthy.