Sell My Car Perth

The used car market is as much down in Perth as it is in the rest of Australia. Many distressed owners are instructing intermediaries to price my car to sell. Most online valuations are fortunately still free. Car value is the issue though. When the average Perth resident decides to sell my car to a dealer for cash they often have no idea how much my car is worth.

If you are of a mind to sell my car today you are well advised to heed this warning. How much is my car worth is like a roulette wheel. When you ask a used car dealer to sell the car for you, they often turn the question around and ask you how much you want. The look on your face and your first few words reveal how desperate you are. Selling a used car in Perth has become a psychological battleground.

How About Selling Online Instead?

You do have a few initial advantages when selling your car online. For starters you’ll usually be offered a free car value – although whether it’s any more accurate than a trade in car valuation on a high street used car lot is another loaded question. You never know the motive behind the answer to “how much is my car worth”. Are they being nice to you to curry favour, or telling you the truth? Would they buy the car from you at that price themselves?

This introduces a second, equally important point. Everybody has to make a dollar somewhere. Are used car values free of undue influence on the internet? Our lips are sealed. We don’t want to risk a lawsuit. Suffice to say that before you ask anybody how much is my car valued at, you should first assess the credibility of the valuator.

The Car Buyers – First for Trust

Our philosophy when buying or selling a used car is to be fair to all parties. We buttress this this with our twin policies of small profit margins and valuations car sellers and buyers know are true. Our auditors watch us like hawks on the first issue because we told them to. Our business model guarantees the second one.

It matters not to us whether you have decided to price my car to sell because you really need the money. The free car value we offer is based on our own sales figures, and chances are you’ll sell the car to us as dealer for more cash than you dared ask. It goes against our principles to offer any less than true value after you decide to sell my car in Perth to The Car Buyers.

In the event that you are considering selling us your car for cash there’s no need to even ask how much is my car worth. Simply click on Trade-In Valuation in the middle of our home page and you could be closer than you think to your wish to sell my car today to us. We’re not talking speculation here. We pay cash for cars in all these great Australian towns and cities:

Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Darwin, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Townsville, Mackay, Cairns, Wagga Wagga, Albury, Wodonga, Echuca, Mildura, Horsham, Bendigo, Ballarat, Geelong

So now you know the answer to the question “how much is my car going to sell for in Perth” you can sell the car to The Car Buyers in utmost confidence. Selling a used car in Perth was never faster, easier or safer. There is no better way of selling your car online than through us.

We’ll show you the money and you can even watch us deposit it in your bank account before you hand over the key. Now you can sell your car in Perth to us for the price you always wanted.