Sell A Car

What is the best way to “Sell a Car”? Have you ever wondered? Many people ask this question and wonder what is the best way to sell a car. At some stage in your life the time comes to sell your car. It may be time to upgrade your car or the family has grown bigger and you need to sell your old car and buy a bigger one? You may need to downsize as the kids have moved on with their lives and your existing car is too big and now is the time to sell your old car. Or maybe you have too many cars and need to sell a car.? Whatever the reason is for selling a car, it can be hard work and a tedious exercise. Apart from the hard work to prepare your car for sale which involves obtaining the Road Worthy Certificate and fixing all the mechanical and Road Worthy items required, you need to make sure all the finances attached to the vehicle are cleared and paid out and there are no encumbrances on your vehicle at the time of the sale. Then you will have to advertise your car. At this time you are not sure what is the actual value of your car is. You may be advertising your car too low or too high. And the next step is to wait for people to ring, make an appointment to see and tests drive your car. At time you are lucky if they show up. Now after them seeing the car comes the time for them to kick the tyres and offer you ridiculous figures. Yes almost all those who would like to take matter of “Selling a car” in to their own hand have gone or will go through the above exercise in some form or shape. Would it not be better if you did not have to go through the above and there was a simpler way of selling your car? Well it is possible. The Car Buyers can make the whole process of you selling a car so easy and more or less like a dream. Yes it is very easy process. Those who have gone through with it could not believe how easy, fast and pain free the total process was. All you need to do is to fill in the valuation form on The Car Buyers Website to have an understanding of the value of your car. You can the ring us on 1300 THE CAR BUYERS (1300 847 227) and speak to one of our friendly staff, or fill in the form and shortly after one if The Car Buyers team will get in contact with you to discuss your car and make the appropriate time to view your car. If your car is of a standard for The Car Buyers to purchase we will then pay on the spot by way of either cash in hand, direct internet deposit into your nominated account or a bank cheque. All the associate paperwork will take place on the spot. This will include ownership, security, finance, stolen and written off checks of the vehicle. Up on satisfactory check of all the above the agreed amount will be paid and your vehicle will be transferred out of your name at the same time. If you have existing finance on your vehicle, you will then have to obtain a payout figure from you financer and based on the purchase price the finance amount will be paid on the spot by The Car Buyers and the balance of the purchase price will be given or received from the seller. Once again The Car Buyer team can take the hassle of selling a car and going through with all the unnecessary hard work of selling a car away from your busy life style and offer you top dollars for your unwanted vehicle. All you need to do for an obligation free and no cost to you engage The Car Buyers services and see how easy it is to sell your car at a great and unbelievable price. Pick up the phone ring us on 1300THECAR (1300 847 227) or fill in the form and one of The Car Buyers staff will be in contact with you shortly.