A Holden Made in China?

On Tuesday last I asked what happens when Holden goes shortly after Ford. It seems Mike Devereaux and GM had been chatting for a while, and everything is in place already to keep making cash for cars for Holden. Less than twenty-four hours after the bombshell dropped, Holden sales director Peter Kelley had already delivered a letter to Australian fleet customers promising them, “a wide portfolio of imported products post-2017”. He went on to add that, “Holden will continue with its commitment to provide the very best products to meet the needs of the Australian fleet customer, through leveraging the resources of General Motors global product portfolio”. It seems the Commodore brand is just too potent and too money-spinning to allow to let drop. Motoring.Com.Au is convinced the replacement model will come from China, and be a front-wheel-drive departure from the familiar three-box shape. Initial thinking revolves around a four-cylinder model. No doubt, Peter Kelley will continue to press for the six pots that are Australia’s preference on long straight highways, and have yielded lucrative cash for cars to date. However, there will be no wagons and no utes. Just podgy andromorphites from now on. Hot news just out includes the axing of Holden’s Lang Lang proving ground, Fishermens Bend engineering centre and Port Melbourne engine factory. The ripple effect continues. For now, the Port Melbourne design studio survives unscathed. Presumably, it is working on Australianising the Chinese blob? In case you just found The Car Buyers and are curious about the connection with lightly-used vehicles, I’ll close by mentioning that I pay brilliant cash for vehicles their owners no longer want, and then sell them on for cash to a queue of hungry buyers. My prices are the best because I don’t spend your money on luxuries. That’s me in a nut shell. Take care, Kane