Online Car Valuation Guide The Car Buyers website provides used car valuations Australia wide in two handy formats. They’re completely free if you want to sell your car to us because we buy cars for cash. Alternatively, if you want to sell cars online yourself each car valuation will cost you a measly $9.95 including a free posting on our website. A Happy Widow’s Tale We were so happy to help Mrs Granger from Sydney like this the other day. She was recently widowed after forty-one years of marriage, couldn’t drive herself and didn’t know what to do with her husband’s car standing in the garage. The best offer she’d had was a towing charge to take it away. Then she spotted our advert that we sell cars online. She appealed to us for help. We couldn’t believe it! Mrs Granger had inherited a spotless light green metallic 1984 380SEL Mercedes Benz in near showroom condition with all the trimmings. After we posted it, she had offers close to the $9,000 asking price we recommended. We decided it was worth a little more when we saw the condition. In fact one of our directors paid slightly over value at $9,500 cash. We Could Do the Same for You Would you like to sell your car for cash? You may not have Mrs Granger’s Mercedes Benz, but you’ll receive the same personalised attention when you request an online car valuation. Choose between these two great options. Get real value for your money either way. ü Request a Valuation Certificate, answer a few simple questions, pay the ridiculously low price of $9.95 and get an independent valuation in a few minutes. Do it now, and while this special offer lasts we’ll let you post a corresponding advert on our website absolutely free. ü Visit our Trade-In Valuation page, answer a few similar questions and we’ll come back with a provisional offer to buy your car from you in seconds. There are a few conditions like you have to be the owner and live in or nearby Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Darwin, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Townsville, Mackay, Carins, Wagga Wagga, Albury, Wodonga, Echuca, Mildura, Horsham, Bendigo, Ballarat, or Geelong. The rest is child’s play. The Perfect Way to Sell Your Car for Cash In an ideal world the answer would be “you don’t even need to sell your car online”. You just need to stick a sign in the window that says “Buy my Car for Cash”. Some honest fellow will turn up and offer you a deal you can’t refuse. But we both know this is fantasy, and that you’re more likely to be hassled into accepting cash 4 cars at way below face value. Selling cars for cash online can be a better way to do it, provided that you get an accurate online car valuation from somebody reliable like The Car Buyers. An added advantage is that we provide the used car valuations Australia trusts because we’re independent. You can buy credibility like this for just $9.95 in a matter of minutes when you click here in confidence. Your only problem will be persuading someone honest to part with cash at true market value. Your best and safest way is to ask us for an instant online car valuation / preliminary offer at genuine market value. We have been car dealers for years. We know how the market works and we buy cars for cash at exceptional values. Our front-end processes are quickest night and day. There is no faster way to sell cars online. Let’s assume we agree a price and you live in the Melbourne, Adelaide or Sydney metropolitan area. Our assessor will call, and arrange to view your vehicle where and when it suits you. There may be a slight price adjustment but you’re under no obligation until you agree to sell your car for cash to us at the agreed price. After you receive our written payment guarantee and hand over the registration papers, we’ll transfer cash instantly to your bank account. You’ll get best prices fastest and you won’t even pay for the online car valuation. Now you know the difference, shouldn’t you sell your car to The Car Buyers too?