Selfish Selfie Takers

The Car Buyers would like Australian drivers to concentrate on what they are doing, as opposed to drinking while driving while heaven forbid texting too. If you do not listen to our advice, then your loved ones may trade in your car’s remains for a coffin, and that literally would be a crying shame. At least think about it. We have just learned that a Ford Australia survey reveals that one in three young drivers takes selfies while driving down our roads. This is ahead of the 28% in Germany and France. Evidence suggests that taking selfies can distract a driver for a full 14 seconds. I think this is a selfish way to trade in road safety to satisfy your ego. Before you are tempted to incur a $300 fine and help yourself to 3 demerit points, why not trade in your car for cash with me. You can spend the money on bus tickets, and take as many selfies as you like on public transport. Does that sound like a good deal? Take care, Kane