Sell a Car Australia If you want to sell a car Australia has all the options, although not all the choices are equally as good. Perhaps you woke up this morning thinking “I want to sell my car” and wondered how to do this. If so, then The Car Buyers is just the place for you because we exchange cash for cars. Trade It In? Many folk take the easy way out and trade their vehicle in for another one without being charged a car valuation fee. That’s fine, as long as you appreciate that when it comes to car valuations Australia doesn’t regulate them and the dealer can charge anything they like. How will you feel when you see your car on their showroom floor selling for $500 more? We buy any car (or any other kind of vehicle in Australia) and we don’t consider ourselves bound by any car buyers guide. Our efficient systems keep our costs down and we make top cash for cars offers every day. When you decide to sell a car Australia has other options besides trading in. Why don’t you check this page right now and see how much more you could get? Sell it Direct? Maybe today’s the day you decided “I’m going to sell my car to somebody and get more money” and came here for advice. You’re most welcome and we’re glad to welcome you. Just remember that when you privately sell a car Australia won’t stand by you if things go wrong. If you get conned then that’s your problem to sort out for yourself. More and more Australians living in Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne are turning to The Car Buyers for help when they need cash for their cars. We buy any car that’s legal and we’ll fetch it from you so you don’t have to concern yourself with driving it. We are free to make you the best cash for car offer anywhere. That’s because we pay what’s fair regardless of what any car buyers guide may say. The Better Way Australians with private cars for sale know that there’s only one safe way to do it and that’s right here on this website. This is because we make it easier and everything happens really fast. You came here asking “will you buy my car?” The answer’s a resounding yes as long as it’s a runner. Of course if you’re selling car or van or auto scrap that’s a different matter and you need to visit a scrapyard. Unlike other websites (we’re not referring specifically to we deal in cars that are good runners and should keep going on for years to come. That’s why we’re free to move beyond the car buyers guide and other Australian used car valuations and do what’s right. How It Works Let’s say you are one of many Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney residents with private cars for sale and you’re looking for a cash for cars offer. Your task is easy and The Car Buyers are standing by with all the money you need. Check this page and enter a few details about who’s asking “will you buy my car” and what kind of vehicle you are selling. We’ll get back instantly with an approximate valuation and follow up with a phone call if you want. Selling car surplus and getting money for it is even easier after that. We’ll have an associate contact you to arrange a viewing at your place of business or your home. Our agent won’t stonewall you by quoting a car buyers guide. They’ll offer you a fair price and all the guarantees you ever wanted. That’s The Car Buyers for you. Fair dinkum and honest when it comes to buying and selling cars.