Australia Motor Trade in Jeopardy as ANCAP Faces Closure

The fact that Toyota is at it again with 297,600 safety recalls, makes the role of regulators like the Australasian New Car Assessment Program even more vital. I find it horrifying that in this modern day and age we still have leading world brands selling cars with faulty airbags, steering systems, and seat mounting points. ANCAP is patently off the hook with these. The faults developed after frequent use and were unlikely to show up in crash tests. With Australia heading for 100% imports we clearly need centralised quality control, especially in view of the number of start-ups entering the trade in smaller cars. According to Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane his decision to stop crash testing by 2017 ”is not a specific budget savings measure”, this despite the fact that he is looking for overall $2 billion savings from a $9.7 billion budget. He believes ANCAP becomes superfluous “when we don’t make cars in Australia” anymore, and to him it is as simple as that. The Car Buyers arranges roadworthy inspections on the cars it accepts on trade in, or pays spot cash for. It is just the way we are. We prefer to play it safe, and not take another person’s word for it. Take care, Kane