Red Card for Hoons

The Supreme Court’s decision to allow South Australia cops to continue crushing cars owned by hoons, is a red card to motoring criminals in two ways. Firstly, it has upset them sufficiently to waste the taxpayer’s time with stupid arguments. More importantly, it has told the imbeciles that speeding, burnouts, doughnuts, and street racing are not wanted in Australia, and they should desist or go somewhere else. I hope some car dealers are not shameless enough to sell a car to them to replace the one the coppers crushed. Apparently “hoon” originally referred to “one who lived off immoral earnings (i.e. the proceeds of prostitution, a pimp or procurer of prostitutes)” and I find the comparison noteworthy. Are you listening, boys and girls who do it? Later, they started using it to describe people unable to control their animal instincts when steering cars and boats. I for one will never even think to sell a car to anyone I suspect of hooning tendencies. I am issuing a challenge to all other car dealers in Australia to take a similar pledge. We too have social responsibility. Cars can be as dangerous as guns. Just do not tell me this is unnecessary. The Supreme Court’s time was wasted by an idiotic hoon who challenged the right of South Australia to crush his car after a third drink-driving conviction. No doubt, his lawyer used words like “cruel”, “heartless” and “uncaring” when arguing his appeal. I hope they make him watch the public crushing. I am however more than happy to sell a car to anybody else interested in acquiring a reliable used vehicle that is legal and roadworthy. As an added bonus, my prices are among the lowest in the country, and I stand by what I sell. Just call 1300 843 227 and ask for me. Take care, Kane