Mazda Australia Tops Importer List with 10,000 Sales

Mazda Australia has become the first full-line importer in the country’s automotive industry with excellent performance ratings and highly successful promotions. , It sold over ten thousand vehicles in just a month. Getting cash for cars is the ideal option for people interested in buying new vehicles, and are looking to sell their pre-owned cars. The official VFACTS data was released recently by the Australian Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries.

According to the VFACTS data, Mazda Australia has sold over 10,093 vehicles all over the country in just the month of September, which is more than the number of vehicles sold between April and September. About 9,345 vehicles were sold by the car manufacturing company in the month of April, which was beaten by 748 units in the month of September.

September saw Mazda Australia rise in the overall sales charts

Apart from selling over ten thousand units, Mazda Australia also has another feat to be proud of. In September, the company saw its name rise to the second position on the overall sales charts for the 2nd time in history. The very first time it’s was one amongst the top manufacturers in Australia was in April 2012, when it was ranked between Toyota and Holden. Toyota sold about 17,300 units and Holden sold about 8955 units in the month of April 2012.

‘M-Day’ sale helped push the sales of Mazda3

According to the managing director of Mazda Australia, the car brand’s ‘M-Day’ sale was one of the main reasons for the successful sales of the cars, especially the Mazda3. The sale day helped to push the sales of this model to their highest, which are about 4276 units. Also, the CX-5 compact SUV showed second best results with about 1809 units sold on the ‘M-Day’ sale.

The company seems to be really pleased with selling over 10,000 cars in the month of September, and also felt that it was a fantastic result to achieve in such a short span of time. In order to buy the new units sold, customers of pre-owned cars chose the option of cash for cars to make invest in the new vehicles.

According to the managing director of the company, the M-Day sales were eagerly embraced by all the customers all over the country. The company was even more pleased with the fact that the range of cars offered by them still continues to appeal to the versatile audience.