Re-Launch of Pulsar Cars by Nissan Australia in 2013 February

Coming February 2013, Nissan Australia is planning to re-launch their Pulsar cars, which are going to be priced at $19,990 each. The cars were sold at the same price about six years ago as well.

Nissan Australia has also been giving away lots of prizes to the friends of all its employees, which includes cash and vouchers. It is one of the ways by which the company can increase its consumer base and rise to the top of the sales charts. After a six-year gap, the Nissan Pulsar is back, ever since it got replaced by the Tiida in the year 2006.

With many car owners getting cash for cars in order to buy the new models in the market, Nissan is bound to make a lot of sales in the country next year. Selling the used vehicles in order to get cash for cars is what many consumers are considering.

Public not interested in Tiida

Even though Nissan Australia did its best to market and advertise Tiida in order to make up for its drab design, the public wasn’t really interested in neither the advertising, nor the car. Tiida was the sole contender of Nissan in the most popular vehicle category of the Australian markets, and the sales plummeted. The new Pulsar, however, will go on sale in the month of February next year, at the same price it was six years ago ($19,990).

The car was showcased by the company, much ahead of the Sydney Motor Show, which will open on the 19th of October. Six years ago, when the company decided to drop the Pulsar name from the Australian market, Nissan dealers struck out a protest against the Tiida model. Its return into the Australian markets next year is going to make most of the consumers happy as the Pulsar cars were a popular choice back then.

Almost 7 out of 10 shoppers still recognise the Pulsar badges

Even though the Pulsar cars haven’t been on sale for the last six years, Nissan Australia says that at least 7 out of 10 car shoppers still recognise the Pulsar badges. According to the company sources, the Pulsar still means a lot to the people in Australia and the company is sure that they have made the right decision in re-launching the cars into the market.

Pulsar has always been associated with well-shaped and characteristic cars, which have shaped the small car landscape of Australia for so long. Getting cash for cars is the ideal option that most pre-owned vehicles owners are choosing in order to buy the new Pulsar cars that will be launched soon.