Once Proud Brands in Disarray

Oh dear, oh dear. It only seems like yesterday that Jaguar and Land Rover were trumpeting ‘buy my car in utmost confidence of quality’ or words like that. And now, Jaguar Land Rover are having to recall a whopping 5,245 vehicles that could catch alight or suffer engine failure. I would have thought Land Rover would have figured out by now how to build a fuel delivery system that does not leak. The official recall notice for the Freelander 2 and Ranger Rover Evoque 2.2-litre diesel models confirms a risk of “diesel fuel leaking from the engine-mounted injector spill rail spigot to spill return pipe connector joint”. They go on to mention that “the diesel leak could run onto the exhaust system and turbocharger where there is an increased risk of an under-bonnet fire.” This affects the owners of 1,485 Freelander 2s and 2,995 Evoques. I wonder how well their next marketing campaign will go down, when it repeats the plea to buy my car because it has hopefully been fixed. This pathetic effort affects 641 Jaguar XF luxury cars too. It comes on the heels of the recent recall of 124 Jaguar XF 2.0L turbo-petrol models. In the latter case, “the charge air cooler hose can detach from the charge air cooler resonator. This can cause the engine to cut out which may pose a hazard to the driver and other road users.” I should think it probably would! An increasing number of Australian motorists are turning their back on ridiculously priced new cars that could be recalled at any moment, and ordering reliable second-hand cars from The Car Buyers instead. When I say “buy my car” the public sit and listen. They know a bargain when they see one. Take care, Kane