Sell Your Car Melbourne You’ve got a car or van you want to sell in Melbourne real fast, but there are other things you’d rather do instead. No worries. Lots of Australians feel the same way and they’re flocking to The Car Buyers in increasing numbers. You can get a car valuation free here and post a listing. Alternatively, we’ll buy it from you for cash at a price you can’t refuse. Here’s How It Works We have points of sale in Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne plus a huge network of affiliates everywhere else in Australia. The car valuations Australia favours are often city-bound, meaning you might get an inferior price if you just advertise to sell your car Melbourne and surrounding areas. We are one of Australia’s largest user car dealers and we have the latest used car valuations available. What’s more we buy cars for cash, provide car valuations free and can collect your vehicle from your home or place of business as you prefer. You don’t need to waste precious time understanding complicated car buyers guide tables. Trust The Car Buyers, get true market value and even more. What Happens Next You need to tell us about your car first and like everything else we’ve made it simple. Click here, go to where you enter your demographics (so we know who to give the cash to) then click “next” to describe the car you want to sell. Wait a few seconds and you’ll get your estimated car valuation free. Someday all the car valuations Australia needs will be done this way. Just imagine how many trees get chopped down to print a car buyers guide by the thousands. Of course our website used car valuations are preliminary estimates. They have to be because your Melbourne used car could be worth even more depending on the condition. If you would like us to we’ll stop by and inspect it. Then we’ll explain why your price might be a little different. You’ll find our final car valuation free of any obligation on you too. Let’s assume you’re good to go on our offer. You likely will because we do car valuations Australia knows are tops. We just need to inspect your registration document and find out if there’s anything owing on the car. After that you simply sign a few documents so we can issue a guarantee and take the car off your hands for good. How much easier is that than trying to sell your car Melbourne wide yourself? How Our Prices Compare Although used car valuations are supposed to be based on what the market thinks, every car buyers guide inevitably reduces this to allow for dealer profits. After all, they make their money from dealer advertisements and need them to survive. All’s fair in love and war. A car valuation free or not has two components. The price the seller gets and the dealer’s profit margin. Competition keeps the first component stable. The swing room in car valuations Australia, Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne is the margin the dealer needs to stay in business. Because The Car Buyers don’t pay rent, employ a whole lot of employees, list in the local car buyers guide, insure stock and so on, we can afford to include a lower margin in our used car valuations. This is the difference you benefit from. Put simply, we pay sellers more cash for cars than anybody else we know. Why Wait Longer There’s no need to advertise to sell your car Melbourne style. We buy cars and we sell cars right across Australia and we’ll find the right buyer when you’re ready. What’s more we won’t haggle unnecessarily and you’ll have cash in your hands as fast as your bank allows it. Now you’ve found us, it’s time to get down to business.