Selfish Selfie Takers

The Car Buyers would like Australian drivers to concentrate on what they are doing, as opposed to drinking while driving while heaven forbid texting too. If you do not listen to our advice, then your loved ones may trade in your car’s remains for a coffin, and that literally would be a crying shame. At least think about it. We have just learned that a Ford Australia survey reveals that one in three young drivers takes selfies while driving down our roads. This is ahead of the 28% in Germany and France. Evidence suggests that taking selfies can distract a driver for a full 14 seconds. I think this is a selfish way to trade in road safety to satisfy your ego. Before you are tempted to incur a $300 fine and help yourself to 3 demerit points, why not trade in your car for cash with me. You can spend the money on bus tickets, and take as many selfies as you like on public transport. Does that sound like a good deal? Take care, Kane

There’s Never Been a Better Time to Sell a Car

The used car market is booming, as more Australians find they are unable to afford the ricochet increases that new car manufacturers are imposing on them. This high demand versus fixed supply clicks the laws of supply-and-demand into play. As every economics student knows, this means car sellers hold centre stage I am determined to maintain momentum and keep sufficient stock to meet voracious demand. There has never been a better time to sell a car to me, because I am keen to beat all other offers and buy your wheels. We are The Car Buyers every Australian motorist loves, and conversely every other motor dealer gets hot under the collar about. Take up the challenge. Call 1300 843 227 to receive my cash offer. If you can beat my price and sell a car for more, well then that will be something for the record books. It seldom happens when Kane is on the beat which I am right now. Take care, Kane

No Longer Uber Alles

The Car Buyers greets the South Australia decision to blacklist startup transport Uber with mixed feelings. While it is true there are insurance implications, surely Australians have the right to choose freely? This is especially valid for car buyers living in remoter parts of town, where taxis are rare sights. Could this be something to do with licence income … what’s more important … state income or individual rights? Uber’s success in Australia is a symptom of a deeper problem. Citizens on average incomes can no longer afford the rocketing cost of new cars, which absorbs all the spare income they have. The Car Buyers presents the logical alternative. Pay less for an equivalent used car from us, and have cash left over for running costs. Australia uber alles for car buyers – now that’s a better idea! Take care, Kane

The Problems New Car Buyers Face

When you sell your car or trade it in to buy the latest motor town new car offering, you open yourself up to risks. These include how much value it will retain, and whether or not it will provide trouble-free motoring. There has been a rash of recalls lately, and there are no signs of this abating. While the repairs themselves are free, customers experience other costs including using taxis when their vehicles are in the workshop. However I believe that sudden design changes are by far the greatest risk you face, especially when you sell your car and buy one with a design that is as absurd as the Nissan IDx. I hope you didn’t, because the IDx is fingered to morph into something marginally better-looking. This is going to trash the current version’s value although in itself is a good idea. This is the rationale for buying a quality used car for much, much less, and with all these hurdles bypassed in a nutshell. Speak to me if you want to sell your car to upscale or to downscale, and I will offer you a bargain price. Take care, Kane