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We all know trying to sell a caravan is a very hard task, trying to get it ready for sale making sure every thing works well, and that the caravan for sale is safe and above all its clean and presentable, buy this time most People give up trying to sell a caravan, you soon realise its just not worth the effort. but for the ones that still insist on going down the path of trying to sell a caravan for cash, there still lies the pain of trying to advertise the caravan after its all ready. this were the fun starts so many car selling website but not many caravan selling websites, so your options are very limited as such, so there fore it makes it a very expensive proses trying to advertise a caravan for sell. Well you might think that we only buy cars at well your are wrong not only we pay cash for cars we also pay cash for caravan as well, there is not many good and reliable caravan buyers out there most are people that work from home with no credibility. When you finely give up on the idea of selling a caravan your self thats where we come in to the picture, at we have a division that just buy caravans of all types, our staff have been in the trade for a very long time and they understand the value of your caravan, so they are professional caravan buyers. The proses is as easy as getting 0n our website filling in your info with some basic info of the caravan for sale, with in minutes you will receive an online caravan valuation, and soon after a phone call from one our staff to arrange an appointment with you to veiw the caravan for sale when we come to an agreement on the price, we will buy your caravan on spot with cash so easy So remember when you want cash for caravans call we buy caravans and we pay cash.