Cash for Cars that Burn Tyres

Either I am getting past it or the latest Mustang tweak is for the crazies. It disconnects the rear brakes so the wheels leave a signature of rubber on the road. That’s fine for junior line-lockers, smokies, skids and speedoolies who burn Dad’s money at a drag strip. Somehow I doubt they will continue when they learn what tyres cost. I wholeheartedly support our coppers when they arrest hoons for dangerous driving, excessive acceleration, burnouts, and so forth on public roads. They should charge extra cash for cars whose drivers misbehave. As far as I am concerned that’s the end of it. No wonder we have the carnage on the roads we do. Ford Australia’s brand communications manager Neil McDonald chose to play cute when Motoring.Com interrogated him. “I have no opinion over whether the new system would encourage hoon driving behaviour,” he commented. Victoria police are so irritated that one commented, “Were vehicles with this feature to be made available in Victoria then drivers who perform burnouts are likely to lose their vehicle for 30 days in the first instance for using it. Repeat offenders may find they lose their vehicle permanently and face significant fines or a criminal record”. Think again, Ford Mustang. You are not far from being an accessory to a crime. Your fine print states that “Racing your vehicle will void your warranty”. Are you looking for an excuse or do you have something against road safety? There is more to the automotive business than taking cash for cars. Take care, Kane