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Help for a Safer Buying Experience

You can help to make your buying experience safer by adopting the tips listed below:

Protect yourself against false and fraudulent adverts:

Protect yourself against buying a stolen or encumbered vehicle:

If in doubt about a used car or used 4x4 don't rush to buy it. Research whether you’re State Road Traffic Authority / Transport Department has a Vehicle Securities Register which will generally allow you to check:

  1. Used Vehicle Registration Status.
  2. Used Vehicle Finance recorded against the vehicle.
  3. Whether the vehicle is reported as stolen or is listed as a repairable write off.

Help for a safer selling experience.

You can help to make your selling experience safer by adopting the tips listed below:

Protect yourself against unlawful access to your advertisements:

Only log in to your advertisements through The Car Buyers account log in screen and not via any links. If you do click on a link - check the website address carefully. Fake websites are sometimes created with similar addresses.

Protect yourself when selling your vehicle:

Find out who you are dealing with: ask for a name and contact phone number. Ring the number to check if it is legitimate. Before you agree to a test drive check your insurance as comprehensive insurance policies generally cover test drives but you should check to make sure your insurance covers you against this. Obtain something of value, i.e. keys or drivers licence as security for the test drive. Before you go along for the test drive always consider your safety before you get in the vehicle. If in doubt don’t rush into a test drive or a sale arrange for someone else to be present with you and arrange another time to test drive.

Contact with The Car Buyers

As a buyer or a seller on The Car Buyers website, you may receive emails from us. There are individuals who try to trick and mislead people to believe that they are dealing with, when in fact they are not.

To help protect you from unauthorised emails remember:

We will never send you an email that asks you to confirm or provide personal information, your login or password. All emails from will have a Car Buyers Website URL i.e.

Help to avoid Phishing - Fraud:

Help to avoid Scams:

It is difficult to define a "scam" as scammers are often very sophisticated criminals, who invent new scams weekly.

It is important to note that the examples below are not a complete list. Scammers invent new scams all the time. You should protect yourself by educating yourself on how to recognise, report and protect yourself from scams. Visit for more information.

An example of a common scam is "Phishing". Phishing scams include an attempt to criminally acquire sensitive information, such as usernames or passwords.

For example, you receive a fake email claiming to be from The Car Buyers asking you to click on a link to 'confirm your car buyers account name and password'. The Car Buyers will never send you an email requesting you confirm your personal or login/password details. This email is not from The Car Buyers.

Another example could be an apparently legitimate email enquiry in relation to a car for sale from a 'buyer'. The email will ask you to click a link to view your car, to confirm the car they are interested in is yours. On clicking the link you are sent to a fake web page that looks like a Car Buyers page. This page then prompts you to login using your account login and password details. This email is not from The Car Buyers.

Help with Scam Updates:

Scams and fraud exist on the internet. Responsible buying and selling is essential to reduce the risk of you being the victim of a scam.

It is difficult to define a "scam" as scammers are often sophisticated criminals, who invent new scams all the time.

An example of a recent scam is when a person is contacted by a scammer via SMS.

The SMS advises the person that they have won a prize. Often these SMS's appear to be from a company you have an existing relationship with.

The SMS directs you to a website where you are asked to submit personal and credit card details. Do not under any circumstances provide such information.

Please note that The Car Buyers could SMS you, but we will never ask you for any of your details in this manner.

To keep up to date with the latest scams and what you can do to protect yourself and family visit

Help with The Car Buyers Site:

If you require any assistance with any area of this site please use the contact us button and we will address your questions and reply in a timely manner.

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